JuiceIT 2019

JuiceIT is Data#3’s national flagship event, taking place each year in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart and recently to international ground in Suva, Fiji. The event showcases the latest in technology and everything in IT and in 2019, JuiceIT attracted over 2,100 attendees across Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane alone.

I have been involved with the branding of the entire event for the past four years, which has included creating artworks across a vast range of different applications, including:

    • – Event branding and identity
    • – Opening animation reel
    • – Data#3 Tradeshow and Registration Booth
    • – Wayfinding Signage (digital and print)
    • – Event Webpages, eDM’s and
  • – Google Ads/Remarketing
  • – Event Presentations
  • – Social Media Imagery and Advertising
  • – Pre and Post-Campaign Documentation


Brief: “The Pursuit of Digital Transformation:¬†Prepare. Transform. Optimise.”